The job and applicant management is carried out in the following screens (depending on user permissions).

Job Dashboard

Displays all the jobs you are linked to showing: total applicants, applicants by status, application date, and job status.

Create New Job

First, add the job details: job title, job description, an optional video link or file, job location, employment type, salary or wage. Then invite team members that are to be involved on the job.

Job Actions

Key job actions allowing you (subject to user permissions) to: preview a job post, view/edit job details, add team members, copy the applicant invitation link, share a shortlist, publish or unpublish a job, and delete a job.

Applicant Dashboard

View the applicants for a job, in either a list or grid view. The information displayed includes: name, email, applicant status, average rating and number of notes added.

View Application

Scroll through applications, view intro videos and profile data (including links to LinkedIn profile and/or CV). Notes and ratings about applicants can be added, and Job Managers can change the applicant status.

Applicant Status

Indicates how far along the applicant is in the hiring process: new, shortlisted, interviewing, withdrawn, rejected or hired. Only the Job Manager can change this.

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