User roles in C-Me

There are three user roles in C-Me: Viewer, Job Manager, Administrator. The user permissions assigned to each role are described below.


Viewers are assigned to jobs where they are indirectly involved in the recruitment process (e.g. Line Manager, or anyone else involved in shortlisting or interviewing).

A ‘Viewer’ you can do the following for the jobs they are linked to:

  • View all the company settings (same for all jobs)

  • View job details (and see the team members linked to the job)

  • Preview how the job will look when published

  • View the job applications

  • View notes added by other team members, and also add your own notes

  • View ratings applied by other team members, and also add your own rating

  • Copy the application invite link for the job to send out

  • Copy a link to a filtered set of applicants (e.g. a shortlist) to share with a team member

Job Manager

This is the role given to those directly responsible for managing the recruitment process. They will most likely be assigned to more than one job at a time. More than one job manager can also be assigned to a job if needed.

A ‘Job Manager’ can do everything that a viewer can do, plus the following for their own jobs:

  • Create a new job

  • Edit job details

  • Invite new team members (as viewers on the jobs)

  • Publish or unpublish a job

  • Manage applicants (change status)

  • Delete the job


The Administrator is responsible for company set-up and/or user permissions. It is possible to have more than one Administrator.

An ‘Administrator’ can do everything that a Job Manager can do plus:

  • Edit the company settings

  • Assign the ‘Job Manager’ and ‘Administrator’ role to new, or existing, users

  • Edit the default ‘Rejection Letter’ text

Note - an Administrator has no access to job data unless they have been added to the job itself in which case they have the same permissions as a job manager.

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