Applicant Statuses

Applicants are managed through the hiring process by the Job Manager with the following colour coded statuses:

  • New - status of a newly submitted application

  • Shortlisted - use this status when the applicant should be considered for interview

  • Interviewing - use this status to show the applicant should be or is in the process of being interviewed

  • Rejected - when an applicant is marked as ‘Rejected’ a pop-up offers you the option to ‘Send a rejection letter’ (see below).

  • Withdrawn - where an applicant decides that they no longer wish to be considered for the role they can mark their application as ‘Withdrawn’.

  • Hired - mark applicants as ‘Hired’ once they have accepted the job offer

The Job Manager can change the Applicant Status on the View Application screen as well as in the Applicant Dashboard itself by selecting the drop-down icon to the left of the coloured status.

Note - Once an applicant has withdrawn their application, they may choose to delete the application altogether. When this occurs, they will be removed from the process completely, and their application can no longer be viewed.

Rejection Letter

When you reject an applicant a pop-up box is displayed asking if you wish to send a rejection letter or not.

The default text for the rejection letter is based on the text stored in your company settings which only the Administrator can change. The text includes dynamically generated elements such as the applicant name and the position applied for, which helps eliminate user error for high volume rejections.

The text can be amended at the time of sending, for example where additional information needs to be added.

You can also reject an applicant without sending a letter. This means that the applicant will not be aware of your decision. If you reject an applicant without sending a letter, it is possible to then go back in and send a letter subsequently.

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