This is where you manage the job applicants. The Job Title is displayed in the top left of the screen. There are two formats to choose from to display applications:

  • List view - applications displayed in a table view

  • Grid view - applications shown as cards with a video thumbnail

The toggle in the top right-hand corner shows whether the job is published or not.

The newest applications are shown first by default, but you can sort by the highest rating (as well as oldest / lowest rating). You can also filter the applications by Applicant Status and search for a specific applicant.

In both the List view and Grid view you can see the following:

  • Applicant name

  • Applicant email - click on this to send an email through your default email browser

  • Application date

  • Status of the application (new, shortlisted, interviewing, rejected, etc.)

  • Average rating - shows the average of the ratings by your colleagues (add your own rating with the slider)

  • Number of notes - shows the notes from your colleagues, you can add your own note here

The 3-dot icon in the table of the List view (or in the top right-hand corner of the video card when hovered over in the Grid view) allows you to copy the link to the application (to share with colleagues by email or another messaging platform).

The blue Actions box is where the Job Manager can:

  1. Preview the job (prior to publishing)

  2. Edit the job

  3. Invite team members

  4. Copy the applicant invitation link

  5. Publishing (or unpublish) the job

  6. Share a selection of filtered applicants

  7. Reset the filters

See the Job Actions article for details on the above.

To return to the Job Dashboard, click the back arrow in the top left corner next to the Job Title.

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