Choose a Job Action by clicking the Actions button on the Applicant Dashboard or the 3-dot icon in the Job Dashboard.

Preview job post

Select this to see how the job will look when published. Use the preview function to ensure that everything looks as it should before publishing.

Job details

Select this to view the job details, or edit them if you are a Job Manager (see the Create job article for more information on the specific details stored). You can also Preview and Publish/Unpublish the job directly here.

Note - any changes are automatically saved, but may take up to a minute to display in the job post.

Team settings

To add colleagues who are involved in the hiring process (e.g. Hiring Managers, Interviewers etc) select ‘Team settings’, enter their email, then click + Add.

New team members are given Viewer access to the job. Contact the Administrator if they need to be made into a Job Manager.

Application Invitation Link

Choose this to copy the URL of your job post page to your clipboard for posting on social media platforms or sending to applicants.

Share filtered applicants

Only available in the Applicant Dashboard, this action copies a link to your filtered set of applicants (e.g. a shortlist) so you can share your selection with colleagues.

Reset Filters

Only available in the Applicant Dashboard, this action resets your filters.

Publish / Unpublish Job

The Job Manager can publish the job when they are happy with how it will be displayed publicly (use the ‘Preview job post’ action to check it first). When the job is published the option will change to ‘Unpublish’.

Note - on the Application Dashboard a toggle in the top right corner is used to publish or unpublish the job.

Delete Job

Only available in the Job Dashboard, choose ‘Delete’ to delete the job completely (for example, if created in error).

The option is displayed in red because it removes the job (and the job applicants) from the system completely. A pop-up message asks you to confirm the action because this action cannot be reversed.

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