There are two sections to be completed:

  • Job details - where you enter the following: job title, job description, video link or video file (optional), job location, employment type, salary or wage.

  • Team settings - this is where anyone involved in the hiring process is added (e.g. Line Manager)

Job details

Setting up a new job is super easy. Everything is done on this one screen.

Job Title - Enter the job description. Check this guide for tips on ensuring the job title is more easily discovered by the search engines.

Job description - Enter the traditional job description info such as: job overview, responsibilities, requirements, and benefits. Import a template by clicking Load template. When you load the template you will also see a link to a guide with tips writing a compelling job description.

Job video link - You have two options for video content. If you have a video already hosted on Vimeo or Youtube, then you can just add the link here.

Note that for videos hosted in Vimeo you can hide icons like the playbar, share icon, and video title, by amending the embed settings in Vimeo for the specific video.

Job video upload - Instead of linking to Vimeo or Youtube, you can upload a video instead. MOV and MP4 files are supported up to 600MB.

Location - The location of your company (per the company settings) defaults into this field but you can change it here if you are hiring into a different office.

Employment type - Enter the employment type for the position (e.g. Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Intern, etc.)

Job location - This is where you can specify if the work needs to be carried out at the company location, work from home, or whether it is flexible.

Salary or Wage - Enter a single amount or a range (if flexibility is required).

Currency - Choose the currency for the salary or wage

Time Unit - Select the basis on which the salary or wage is calculated, for example: Hourly, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Annually etc.

Team settings

Add the email of anyone who is involved in the hiring process (e.g. Hiring Managers, Interviewers etc). They will automatically be given Viewer access to the job.

To be able to create, edit, publish or delete jobs, or to invite other team members themselves, users need to be granted the role of Job Manager which only the Administrator can do.

Note - if the person invited is not on C-Me then an email will be sent inviting them to join, at which point they will immediately have access to the job.


You can preview the job during the job creation process by clicking the Preview button.

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