All the jobs that you are linked to (either as Job Manager or Viewer) are shown here.

The Job Dashboard shows the following for each job:

  • Total number of applicants

  • Number of applicants by status (legend above the table)

  • Application creation date

  • Job status (published or unpublished)

You can Toggle to show only published jobs or Search for a specific job.

Click the + New Job button to create a new job (the Create New Job article explains how to set one up)

Click the 3-dot shortcut menu to carry out many of the Job Actions that you can also do within the Applicant Dashboard (depending on your role) including:

  • Preview a job post

  • Job details (view or edit)

  • Team settings (view and add new members)

  • Applicant invitation link (copy to clipboard)

  • Publishing (or Unpublish)

  • Delete (the job)

Click the Forward Arrow to go to the Applicant Dashboard.

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