How much does C-Me Hiring cost to use?

There is a Hire-4-Free plan with C-Me Hiring that is ideal for companies that have occasional hiring needs, or larger companies that want to try a video first recruitment approach initially. For higher volumes of recruitment we have competitive plans to suit your needs.

How long does C-Me Hiring take to set-up?

You can be set-up and post your first job in less than 10 minutes. The record is 2 minutes and 45 seconds (watch the video here...).

How many jobs can I post?

The number of jobs that you can have posted any one time is determined by the plan you are on. We offer different plans to suit organisations with different hiring needs. The Hire-4-Free plan allows you to have one job published at any time.

How long can I leave my jobs running?

You can leave your jobs running as long as you want to. Our clients like this because they can operate an 'Always On' recruitment approach for certain roles. Active jobs count towards your monthly job quota.

Can I post a job without video content?

Yes, you can BUT one of the main reasons for using C-Me is to use the power of video to market your jobs to get more applicants and access new channels.

How many applicants can I have per job?

The number of applicants per job is determined by the plan. Higher price plans cater for higher numbers of job applicants.

How long are the job applications saved for?

We save your applications for as long as your account is active. Applicants have the option to withdraw their applications and also to delete their data completely which means they will no longer show in your database.

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