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Working out what your strengths really are
Working out what your strengths really are

A guide to coming up with your strengths

Written by Olivia
Updated over a week ago

We know how hard it is to come up with a list of things about how amazing you are. So we have created a simple approach for you to follow, to help you get the job done...


Allow yourself 10 minutes. Get a blank sheet of paper and write down anything that comes to mind that is strength related.

Think about what you do well, what you love doing, how you work, your industry expertise, challenges you have overcome in work or personally, people skills, personal achievements, qualifications, training, talents and soft skills.

Don’t stop until the 10 minutes is up..!

  • Tip - if you are struggling to come up with ideas then ask friends, colleagues or co-workers - they will say things you won’t have thought of. Also, re-read your resume and check your last performance review for positive things said about you.


Hopefully, you have at least 10 things written down. Now you need to narrow them down to 3 or 4 key strengths.

Keep in mind what’s relevant for the job. Ask yourself where have your strengths been used recently? Would a colleague, manager or tutor agree?

Can you back your strengths up with examples of where you have drawn upon them? You will need to be able to do this.

Check your final set is not too similar.


Don’t let the interviewer be the first person to hear of your strengths. Ask family and friends for feedback.

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