What to say on camera

A guide you can use to get key information across in time

Written by Olivia
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You will be amazed at how much and how little you can say in a minute (which we believe is about the right amount of time you should take on your intro video). This is about 140 words in total.

In terms of working out what to say, you can follow the following guide to say:

Who you are

Introduce yourself. Viewers will see your full name in your profile so just saying your first name is fine, but your industry should probably determine the formality.

What you do

Describe briefly what you specifically do, especially if your role description needs expanding on. Maybe you have particular skills in a certain branch of your role that would be of interest?

Why you would be a good hire

What skills and experience in your industry are worth mentioning that you believe would appeal to a prospective employer or employers in general. Can you reference any recent achievements that would demonstrate that? Are there any certifications that are worth mentioning?


Finally, end your video with a professional sign-off. Perhaps say that you look forward to hearing from them, or that you hope to connect soon. Sign off as you would a cover letter that you would send with an old fashioned your CV.

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