Recording your intro video

Instructions on how to record your intro video in C-Me

Written by Olivia
Updated over a week ago

OK, you are here... well done!

C-Me needs access to your camera and microphone, so please say yes when asked. Please also turn off any other applications that use your camera as they interfere with the recording.

Take a few deep breaths and click the blue button to start recording. The image displayed on your Video CV is the first frame of your video so remember to smile as the counter counts down to zero. 😃

Once the counter gets to zero, the blue circle button shrinks to a square and a red record dot will be displayed. You are now recording!

For help with video content, please check out our guide to recording an amazing intro video.

Please note - although the maximum record time is 2 minutes 30 seconds we recommend keeping your intro video to around a minute.

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