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Improving your Video CV with feedback
Improving your Video CV with feedback

Use C-Me Get Feedback to get ideas on how to make it even better

Written by Olivia
Updated over a week ago

If you are reading this article, then you might have just recorded your first Video CV on C-Me. Well done!

Before you share it with employers or socially its a great idea to use the C-Me Get Feedback service. To get feedback, click the icon below that is shown on your Video CV Preview page.

Select the 'Request Feedback' button at the top of the panel, and you then have the option of:

  • Asking the C-Me team for feedback

  • Copying a link so you could share your Video CV in a private WhatsApp group for example

  • Requesting feedback by email

Giving feedback is really easy. People you request feedback from will access your Video CV by opening the link and can play your intro video. They can then respond to the following two simple questions:

As soon as they submit their feedback, we'll let you know...

Remember too, that you can also share it with the C-Me team, where one of our experts will have a look and send you their feedback as well.

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