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Tracking viewing activity in your C-Me Dashboard
Tracking viewing activity in your C-Me Dashboard

What does the C-Me dashboard tell you about your Video CV activity

Written by Olivia
Updated over a week ago

Your C-Me dashboard keeps track of all viewing activity in real-time. Every time you

Share your Video CV (in an email, via social media, or with the copy link feature) a unique link is created that is used to keep track of viewing activity.

This unique link tracks all of the following for you

  • Opens - how many times your Video CV has been opened

  • Videos watched - how many times your video has been watched

  • Forwards - how many people your Video CV has been forwarded to

  • Viewing Time - the total time spent watching your video CV

  • Connects - the number of connection requests you have received

All of this information is then rolled up and displayed in the widgets at the top of the page.

Note - if you want to deactivate individual access to your Video CV then you can do this by clicking the link on the right-hand side.

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