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Tips on creating a profile that makes viewers want to click play...

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Enter your first and last name. This will most likely be populated automatically if you have signed up through Google, Facebook or Linked In.


Enter the role you are currently doing. You might want to capture your viewers' attention by turning your role into an attention-grabbing headline!


Include your location so that the viewer knows where you are looking for work. If you are looking to work in a new location, use that instead.


Include between 3 and 6 strengths. Try and use words that concrete and not too abstract. Words that people would relate to in your industry.

If you are struggling to work out what they are, then think about a challenge you recently faced at work (or even personally) and how you went about dealing with it - what skills and experience did you draw upon?

Alternatively, you could ask friends, colleagues or co-workers to tell you what they think your strengths are?

Once you have come up with some, you can test them a bit by asking yourself:

  • Where have your strengths been used?

  • Would someone giving you a reference or testimonial be willing to say something similar about you?

Looking for

This is optional but it's a great way of communicating what sort of thing motivates you, and if worded well, can be a real selling point.

For example you might say something like "A highly dynamic environment where my technology skills can be put to best use"

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