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Quick guide to recording an amazing intro video
Quick guide to recording an amazing intro video

Follow these guidelines to ensure your video looks the best

Written by Olivia
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Here are our tips for recording a great intro video, categorised into easy to read bite-size chunks...

Background & clothing

Dress as you would for a face to face interview (at least from the waist up!). A white or coloured wall provides a good background. Remember that a white shirt against a white wall will make you a bit invisible! Avoid windows in the background as this can affect lighting. If there are any objects in view, then think about what they say about you. Remember to make sure there is no background noise.

Camera & lighting

You can record head and shoulders, waist up or even from the knees up (like a weatherman - consider standing to one side for this). For close-ups, it’s a good idea to have the camera set at about your hairline and angled just slightly down towards your eyes (this avoids the 'nostril' look). You could raise your laptop on a pile of books if needs be. Recording during the day is best but avoid direct sunlight. Please ensure you turn off other camera apps as these distort the aspect ratio of your C-ME video.

Smiling & body language

The photo displayed on your Video CV is the first frame, so make sure you are positioned correctly and smiling as the counter counts down to zero. Body language is also essential. Think about your posture, be open, and try not to slouch.

Breathe & don’t speak too fast

Speaking at the right pace engages viewers more. If you are speaking too fast, then you probably aren’t breathing. Take a few deep breaths before you start.

What to say

Speak clearly and briefly say who you are, what you do, what you offer, and if applicable the position you are applying for and the reason you want to work for them. Don’t go into too much detail because this is just an intro video. The goal is to get your viewers to click ‘Connect’ to arrange a face to face interview. Aim for somewhere between 30 seconds and a minute in total.

Practice & feedback

Don’t expect to get it right the first time. A few practice runs will make all the difference. Family, friends or colleagues can give you valuable feedback (click the feedback icon).

Finally… Relax, you can always re-record it!

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