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Turn your role into an attention-grabbing headline
Turn your role into an attention-grabbing headline

Stand out from the crowd using this simple trick

Written by Olivia
Updated over a week ago

It's a problem, CVs can be a bit dry - name, role, location etc. One way to get more cut-through is to make your position into an attention-grabbing headline.

Here are some tips for getting a viewer's attention with your position

  • Make it powerfully descriptive - include some tangible but relevant keywords, not too many, maybe two or three.

  • Include information that you can evidence elsewhere, because if you can't do that, then people may think you are saying things that aren't true

  • Don't make it too long - it's a headline after all so short and sweet is good. Ideally, it should be a single statement needing no punctuation.

  • Be specific if you can, as this always sounds more credible.

  • Avoid overused / cliche words (like driven, results-orientated) which tend not to be very specific.

Example of an attention-grabbing headline...

Before: UI/UX Designer

After: Award-winning UI/UX Designer specialising in international brands.

Struggling to find the attention piece…?

  1. Write down everything you are proud of doing in the last year or two

  2. Put yourself in an employers’ shoes. Circle the things that would be of most interest

  3. Choose the two most powerful points for your attention-grabbing headline.

Hopefully, this helps you grab attention and get interviews.

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